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Have you always wanted to be in movies, TV shows, magazines or perform live on Broadway, but haven't been able to get the right start? We are looking for special people with personality, talent, and the desire to succeed! M&S Studio partnered up with the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS).

ARTS is a family owned and operated international organization. With hand selected mother agencies, dance centers, performing arts organizations, theater companies, and more... coming together to offer a unique week long experience, like no other. ARTS is recognized by top industry leaders as simply the best and safest place in the world to pursue the entertainment industry, without spending a life savings, and education dollars.

Aspiring actors, singers, dancers and fashion/commercial models have their time on stage performing in various capacities. ARTS offers a state of the art experience on a Hollywood set and Broadway style stage! Live performance in front of hundreds of agents worldwide and a live audience! On-camera auditions for Television, Cold-Read, Comedy, and Improvisation... like no other!

Those selected will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of Top Agents, Managers and Casting Directors from New York, Los Angeles and abroad.

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