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Which popular dance style is right for you?

From classical ballet to today's hottest hip-hop, there are wide range of dance styles that dancers of all skill level and interest can enjoy. Some of the most popular dance styles include classic ballet, tap and jazz, as well as modern styles like hip-hop, acro, lyrical and contemporary. We start as young as age 3 to introduce children to the world of dance.

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Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, it's unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatic. Students will learn acrobatic tricks such as handstand, chart wheel, elbow stand, chest stand, walkover, aerials and tumbling lines.


Ballet is a highly technical form of dance that dates back to the 15th century, with roots in Italy, France and Russia. Classically performed en pointe (in pointe shoes), modern ballet has adapted movements to dancers wearing soft-sole ballet slippers as well. In both cases, ballet dancing is a precise choreographed set of fluid and graceful movements.

Contemporary Ballet is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. George Balanchine is often considered to have been the first pioneer of contemporary ballet. The style of dance he developed, which lies between classical ballet and today's contemporary ballet, is known as neoclassical ballet. . He used flexed hands (and occasionally feet), turned-in legs, off-centered positions and non-traditional costumes, such as leotards, tunics and "powder puff" tutus[2] instead of "pancake" tutus, to distance his work from the classical and romantic ballet traditions.

Who is Ballet for? Ballet takes discipline and control combined with strength and flexibility. Starting at a young age is recommended.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of different dance genres, including modern, jazz, lyrical, classical ballet and acro. Less about choreography and more about self-expression, contemporary combines several styles of dance to create unique movements. Contemporary dance is suitable to anyone, and as training progresses so can the complexity of the moves.


Hip-hop evolved from street dance styles made popular in the 70s, including breaking, popping and locking. This fun, upbeat style requires coordination, stamina and strength if you want to go far, but even beginners will enjoy hip-hop classes.


Jazz is fun and energetic, with big moves, high leaps, and quick turns, and more freedom for interpretation over classic ballet. Jazz dance means different things to different people, and it can encompass many styles of dance, resulting in choreography that ranges from casual to precise.

Who is Jazz for? Many jazz moves require strength and flexibility, so starting young helps develop the muscles needed to pursue jazz.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. The lyrics of the chosen song serve as inspiration for the dancers' movements and expressions. Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible. Leaps are exceptionally high and soaring, and turns are fluid and continuous. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.


Musical theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. In this class students will work on musical theater materials which includes singing, acting and dance. It is a fun class in which each individual can express their creativity. Since this class focuses on blocking scenes with dialogue, song and dance, students are encouraged to learn the techniques in classes like Jazz, Tap, acting and voice.

Musical theater dance uses musical numbers from stage and movie musicals. It is a form of dance in which the students can express their love for musical theater.


Tap dancing is characterized by the rhythmic striking of specialty shoes on a hard floor. Tap shoes are fitted with a metal plate on the heel and ball of foot, and the dancer learns sequences of brushes, shuffles, taps and stomps to create percussion. Tap dancing can take on many styles, such as Broadway tap that often times features high-heel tap shoes, mile-long kicks and strong, flexible bodies; to more casual rhythm, or jazz, tap, that uses flat tap shoes and combines modern jazz moves with fancy footwork.

Who is Tap for? Anyone! Dancers with training in classic ballet may find Broadway tap a better fit, where dancers of any skill level can begin with jazz tap.

Adult Classes

Barre Class: Ms. Debbie Bennett is teaching a Barre Class for adults. This class includes Ballet Barre exercises and Yoga Stretches. It meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 PM.


Acro for Dancers Dress Code
Any color leotard footless tights are optional

Ballet Dress Code
Girls - Pre-Ballet: Pink leotard, tights and ballet shoes.
Boys - Pre-Ballet : black shorts or sweatpants, white T-shirt, black jazz or ballet shoes

Primary Ballet: Light Blue Leotard, White Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers

All other levels Black Leotard, Prima Soft European pink Tights, Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Boys: White T-Shirt, Black Tights, Black Dance Belt, Black Ballet Shoes
Teen and Adult: Black Leotard, Ballet Pink Tights, and Pink Ballet Shoes. Optional: Ballet Skirt.

Contemporary Dress Code
Girls: Black Leotard, Black or Tan Tights and Black Dance Shorts or Jazz Pants, Dance Paws
Boys: Black T-Shirt, Black Jazz Shoes or Dance Paws

Hip Hop Dress Code

Appropriate Dance Attire and Dance Sneakers

Jazz Dress Code
Girls: Black Leotard, Black or Tan Tights. (Dance Shorts or Jazz Pants Black Optional) Jazz Shoes.
Boys: Black/White or Studio T-Shirt, Black Jazz Pants , Black Jazz Shoes

Jazz/Tap Combo:
Girls: Light Blue Leotard, White Tights, Black Jazz Shoes, Black

Tap Dress Code
Appropriate Dance Attire and Tap Shoes

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