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Acting Classes

Explore the world of acting. Learn the technique of speech, character development and performance. This one hour class that meets once a week utilizes theater games, improvisation, monologues and scene study to develop the student into a skilled performing artist. Students will gain self-esteem and confidence and the ability to speak in front of an audience. These skills are beneficial for a young person finding their place in society.

Students have the chance to perform twice a year in our annual shows that are held at either a local High School Auditorium or in our Black Box Studio Theater. The tickets for the immediate family are free (parents and children). In addition you have the opportunity to perform at our monthly talent show.

We conduct our acting classes in our Black box studio. Kids, Teen and Adult classes have the proper environment to learn, grow and have fun applying the skills learned to materials like monologues and scenes.



Become a member today. Your membership level is determined by the amount and kind of classes that you take. If you are enrolled in one of our weekly acting classes, your membership level would be bronze an your monthly fee is only$79.

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