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M&S Studio Membership Structure and Fees

Being a member of M&S Studio is special. As a member you have privileges and benefits beyond what any other studio offers. In addition to the weekly classes and lessons, we offer you the opportunity to connect with your peers and other families on a social level. We have regular monthly activities, such as Movies Night or as we like to call it “Parent Night out”. You drop off your child and they have a fun Movie and Game Night with popcorn and lemonade and you have some time for yourself as well. Our Movie Night event is open to the general public for a fee of $10, but for our M&S Studio members it is free. Every 4th Friday is our Talent Show open to all disciplines. Even if you are a dance student and want to sing, go for it. You might take music lessons at the studio, but always wanted to shine presenting poetry, we encourage you to do that at our Talent Show. To participate you must be a M&S Studio member, however, you can invite guests to watch you perform.

Another great feature you will love is our new Rewards and Loyalty program. We value the power of “Word of Mouth” recommendations.  As a member we reward you for your referrals. When you bring a referral into the studio and they sign up, not only will you receive a $20 credit that you can apply to costumes, monthly fees or other studio purchases, but your referral will also receive a $20 credit towards their registration, a win-win all around.

The membership is open to students ages 5 to adults. You can choose between different membership levels, depending on the kind and amount of classes that you take. (For children ages 3-4 we have an introductory program see below)

Here is what is included in your membership fee besides the classes that you take:

Dance Students: Costume rentals for the Winter Shows (Value of $35 each) as well as all tickets for the immediate family (parents and children Value $15 each) to all performances. In addition you will get a free recording of the June show that you are able to download (Value $35).

Music Students: Choose your time slot for the free in-house recital. It makes it more convenient and shorter for the families. In addition you also receive free tickets for the Christmas and June Show if you wish to watch it. A new feature: Free practice and play time at the studio (free studio use Value $25 per/hour). Not everybody has a piano at home or may have restrictions to when and how loud they can practice. So we want to give you the opportunity to practice at the studio so you can improve faster. Practice is the mother of skills. Sign up sheets are available at the front desk.

All Students: Every 2nd Friday is our Movie & Game Night (Value $10 per child), every 4th Friday our Talent Show (practice your performance skills - priceless).

The membership levels are per family. Here are the memberships to choose from:

Weekly classes: Monthly Membership Fee:
Bronze: 1 group class $79
Silver: 2 group classes or a 30 min private lesson $138
Gold: 3 group classes or a 45 min private lesson $194
Diamond: 4 group classes or a 60 min private lesson $248
Platinum: Unlimited group classes $399

Plus: Here you add any additional classes.
(for example: You take a 30 min private lesson and 1 group class per week, you would be a silver plus member, meaning you pay the silver level membership = $138 plus $79)
Each additional group class beyond the 4 will add $40 to the monthly fee.

For our very young dancers:

For our very young dancers ages 2-4 we offer introductory sessions. Three times a year we start a new pre-school session that ends with and in-house recital. The sessions are January - April, May - August and September - December. The minimum enrollment is four month and total fee for the session is $312. That includes the registration fee, costume rental fee for dancers and free admission to our in-house recital at the end. If you register for any of our pre-school programs the following membership fees don't apply. Our Pre-School program has to be paid up front and is non-refundable, since we will reserve your child's spot and close the enrollment once our class is filled.

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