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Spring Camps

Don't stop dancing because schools out for a week. During Spring break we will be conducting mini camps and you can participate. Explore more dance. Have fun while stretching yourself to become a better dancer.

Choose from the following two camps or enroll in both and receive a 10% discount.

Leaps and Turns 1.5 hours daily (April 2-6)
Tuition: $99

Age open - but student must be able to concentrate and follow directions.

No matter your style of dance, the ability to perform amazing leaps and turns is essential. This special class will teach the basics of how to land a leap, and jump correctly, landing 'through the foot'. Students will also learn pirouettes both single and double, soutanou, and pose turns, all of which can be adapted and developed into more advanced turns as the student progresses. Students will also learn how to execute jetes and grande jetes correctly, aiming for correct extension and propulsion through the legs.

Intro To Ballet- Pre- Teens Thru Teens 1.5 hours daily (April 2-6)
Tuition: $99

Think you''re too late for ballet? Think again! This is a great class to introduce students with zero to limited ballet exposure to learn the basic technique of barre, centre and floor work. All students will learn how to work their stretched foot through the floor', a foundation technique that carries through to all other forms of dance. Students will also learn how to plie correctly, lengthening through the backs of the legs, lifting through the hips and backs. Students will learn basic ballet combinations that translate easily to other forms of dance such as jazz and lyrical.

Creative Dance Spring

Let's have some fun! This Spring camp is a great opportunity to introduce young children to the world of dance. Through creative dance games and activities they learn how to express themselves, follow directions and improve their locomotor skills. They interact with other children and learn how to behave in a social setting. Every day they will leave with great pride of achievement and can't wait to show mom and dad what they have learned.


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